Flowered – February Photofest Day 2

Soft naked fat goth covered with flowers -DeviantSuccubus February Photofest 2020 Day 2
© DeviantSuccubus

I am fair, O mortals! like a dream carved in stone,
And my breast where each one in turn has bruised himself
Is made to inspire in the poet a love
As eternal and silent as matter.

“Beauty” – Charles Baudelaire

The words bold and powerful are often used to describe my pictures. And I don’t mind them, because yes, I can come across as bold and strong. It is not only the goth thing (although I assume a huge part of it is), but it is also because I come across as someone with attitude, sass and confidence. And then there is the fat-factor too. If you are big, and you post revealing pictures of yourself, people find that bold, and different, and strong.

I am more than that. I like being intense and different. But I also want to show the side of me that is vulnerable and soft. I don’t want to be cast as just one character or or one side of me. I like being versatile, unpredictable, creative, and sexy in many ways.

You will get many bold and sassy images with lots of attitude this month, be sure of that. But there might be some surprises too. Just like this image, that shows my tender and soft side. Looking at it, it almost feels like some cloudy cotton candy embraces me. Pink yummy cotton candy.

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February Photofest

Here is another picture of me and flowers

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17 Responses

  1. PurpleSole says:

    I like this soft side image and I think you can easily be many things at once. Lovely photo 😊

  2. jupitergrant says:

    This is absolutely beautiful 🌼 I love the expression of all the different facets of what make up the “you-ness” of you, and am really looking forward to all your images this FebPhotoFest 💜

  3. LOVEEEEEEE this – this is incredible x

  4. Jae Lynn says:

    I love the softness of this image and the contrast of colors draws me back for another look.

  5. You are right, you are soft and tender, as much as you are bold and powerful, and I love all those sides of you. Gorgeous image!

    Rebel xox

  6. I love this. Such a great use of the flowers, which look really pretty on you and match your hair colour! And I like the edit of the black radiant around the shape of your arms

  7. Victoria says:

    Absolutely love this softness! It’s so true that we are multi-dimensional and don’t always get to express all the sides of ourselves. It’s refreshing and validating when we can.

  8. Gristle1953 says:

    You are so beautifully vulnerable! The abandonment you are exhibiting is just lovely. You have a beautiful young body! Thankyou for sharing this!

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