Punishment in the Castle

Punishment in the Castle erotic fiction
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He was walking down the corridor, his steps softened by the ancient carpets covering old wooden flooring. He didn’t like the winter residency. There was a constant draft, the stone walls were cold and the portraits of long gone ancestors were paraded on all walls. He had always dreaded the dark times in Scotland, and even now, as an adult, he only visited to please his mother. Not that she’d notice his presence much anyway. She was half-blind, often asleep and seemed to think that he was his own grandfather.

He sighed and held on tight to the candle holder in his hand. “Bloody freezing Scotland!”, he thought to himself. He stopped by a window to look outside. The majestic mountains of the Highlands were right in front of him. The luscious greens were now replaced by grayish mud. It was misty, wet and a light drizzle covered the window in an everlasting waterfall of despair.

Darkness seemed to be approaching, although he heard a clock in a nearby room strike only five in the afternoon. He saw a shadow in the corner of his eye, and turned around to inspect who was disturbing him. A slight push to his calves, he looked down and saw Mittens, the castle’s mouse hunter. He picked up the tabby cat and stroked her soft fur. He had always liked animals more than people. At least they were honest and straight forward in their needs: sleep, eat, fornicate. Human needs were not much different, they just pretended to have much nobler intentions.

He heard laughter from a distance. “Who can even enjoy themselves in a dreadful place like this?”, he mumbled to himself and followed the noise, determined to find its source. Mittens still in his arms, he had to leave his source of light on the window sill. He passed room after room, all of them dark and uninhabited. The laughter came closer and he could make out voices now. Two of them, females. He recognized the sturdy Miss McKenzie, the matron of the house. “Don’t move, lassie, or it will hurt more. Or do you want it to hurt more, you silly little cow?”. He stopped. What on earth was going on?

He saw light coming from one of the rooms. He stopped in front of the door and pressed his ear against the wood. Mittens jumped down and meowed. “Shush, be quiet, cat.”. He heard a slap, a sigh and then that loud shrieking laughter again. “Enjoying yourself, vixen?””. The matron’s voice sounded strangely firm yet warm. His hand found the handle of the door and he gently pushed it down. He slowly opened the door a glimt and looked inside. The room was lit with dozens of candles. In the middle of the room sat the grey-haired matron in her black dress. And wrapped over her knees was the body of a beautiful young woman. Her dress was pulled up and her bare bottom was sticking out in the air. He held his breath.

Mittens pushed through his legs and stormed into the room. Both women got startled and jumped up. Their eyes met his and their faces turned red. “Sir!”, the matron exclaimed. “Good afternoon, ladies!”, the man said and entered the room. “Might I ask what is happening here?”, he asked as he approached them. His ash blonde hair looked almost golden in the candlelight, his blue eyes that often seemed cold and distant, had a sparkle in them.

“I was punishing the lass, Sir”, the matron answered. She cleared her throat. The girl was looking at the floor, seemingly embarrassed about the whole situation.

“Punishing her for what? C’mon, spill it out. What did she do to deserve a spanking on her bare bottom?”, the man raised his left eyebrow and inspected the girl closer. She had brown curly hair and a round body. She looked wild and untamed, yet undeniably beautiful.

“I caught her do something very indecent, Sir.”.

“Indecent, mmm? Indecent how?”.

“She was touching herself, Sir. In her private place. Shamelessly in the middle of the day, right in this very room!”. The girl’s face turned bright red.

He smiled. “You don’t say. And she has learnt her lesson now, has she? To not be greedy with her primal urges? Have you, girl?”.

“I don’t know. Sir.”, the girl said in a shy voice.

He smiled. “How old are you, lass?”

“19 years old, Sir.”

“And you work here as a maid?”.

“Yes, Sir”.

He took a step towards her. He touched her chin and lifted her face up. Their eyes met. “Do you want to learn your lesson, lass? Learn to be a good girl and control things that are not for you to engage in?”

She nodded. “Yes, Sir. I want to be a good girl.”

“I can teach you a lesson. Do you want that, lass? Do you want me to teach you a lesson?”, he said in a stern voice. Their eyes were still locked into each other.

“Yes, Sir.”.

He nodded. “Good, good.”. He turned to the matron. “You can leave now, old woman. I am going to make sure that she will be punished properly.”

The matron bowed. “Thank you, Sir.” She walked out of the room, taking up Mittens who had been looking at the scene in confusion, and closed the door behind them.

“What is your name, girl?”

“Louisa, Sir.”

“Take off your clothes, Louisa. I need you to be fully in the nude.”.


“Are you questioning my orders, girl?”

She starred at him for a moment and then slowly first removed her maid’s dress and let it drop to the floor. She stepped out of it, and then opened her corset, trying to avoid looking at the man who was going to punish her. In a final movement, she tossed her knickers onto the pile of clothes.

“Let me look at you, lass.” He walked around her, taking in her beauty. Her porcelain skin seemed so innocent, so untouched. Her perky round breasts threw enticing shadows onto the wall. He could smell her, a blend of salty sweat and musky arousal. Standing in front of her, he pulled his coat to the side and exposed a black leather riding crop attached to his belt.

“Spankings do not seem to have an effect on you, so let’s see if you are to be tamed by a riding crop. Hold on to the back of the chair and lean over, Louisa. Your bottom turned towards me.”

She walked over to the chair and did as she was told. He followed her and once in position massaged her round bottom, excited by the prospect of playing with it. He removed the riding crop from his belt and hit her hard. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Pause. Other cheek. One. Two. Three, Four. Five.

She was moaning. The smell of her arousal became stronger. Another ten strokes. She didn’t move, but she became silent. “Stand up, Louisa. Turn to me.”

Her eyes were barely open. A smile on her face, she stood in front of him. His hand moved in between her legs and he could feel her wet bush. “Mmm, interesting. Not the right punishment for you, it seems. Sit down.”.

She sat down on the chair. He opened his belt and pulled down his pants. His hard manhood was right in front of her face. “Spread your legs and touch yourself. Now!”, he commanded her. She started rubbing her button, moaning, closing her eyes. “You are not to finish, do you hear me, Louisa?”.

She opened her eyes and looked up to him. “What do you mean, Sir?”

“Touch yourself and no matter how strong the pressure, no matter how unbearable, you are not allowed to finish! Don’t stop touching yourself. Why did you stop?”.

She spread her legs wider and started rubbing her button frantically now. He pulled her head forward by her hair and pushed himself into her half open mouth. Both hands dug into her curls, he moved in and out of her mouth rhythmically. Her body became tense and she struggled to sit still. “Do not dare to finish, lass. You are not allowed to. I forbid you to finish!”, he moaned.

Seconds after those words, he unloaded his hot juices into her willing mouth. Twitching, he held onto her hair, making it impossible for her to pull back. With a big gulp, she swallowed the wetness he had left inside her mouth. Pulling out of her, he pushed her head onto his belly and gently stroked her curls.

He took a step back and looked down at her. Her eyes were filled with fire and need. He smiled at her. With a quick movement, he pulled her up by her nipples and made her stand before him. “Spread your legs, lass.” She did as she was told, still out of breath, she leaned her head against his shoulder. He slapped her between the legs. “You can finish now if you want to, Louisa.”. He circled her button, teased it with his fingers, before starting to rub it fast and hard. She started twitching, her hands holding onto his neck, she moaned loudly and felt the waves of pleasure running through her body.

He gently pushed her back onto the chair, pulled his pants up and closed his beltbuckle. He gave her a kiss on the forehead. “You are a good girl, Louisa. You can control yourself. Good job!”. He turned around, opened the door and walked out of the room. Outside he was greeted by a curious Mittens, who ran passed him to check up on a smiling and relieved Louisa.

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14 Responses

  1. May says:

    Oh yes very enjoyable! U set the scene perfectly DS – very hot tale too.
    “She was half-blind, often asleep and seemed to think that he was his own grandfather.” made me laugh – so true!
    May x

  2. Cousin Pons says:

    I can’t resist a story set in a castle. Your opening paragraphs brought it brilliantly to life. The sex was hot enough to warm the ancient stone walls and I was sad when it came to an end. I expect Louisa will be reeling from a few more Highland jigs before the week is out. Cousin Pons

  3. There are so many parts in here that make this such a hot scene. The setting, the sex, the power dynamic, and (for me) the description of making her swallow his load. I’m a big ‘swallower’ fan and the forced aspect of it was super hot.

  4. Kayla Lords says:

    So, so, so sexy! Much better than the Scottish Highland stories I read back in the day with creamy loins and heaving bosoms. πŸ˜‰

  5. slave sindee says:

    very hot love the set up and the castle i felt like i was right there.
    very sexy and well done

  6. jupitergrant says:

    The imagery here drew me right in!

  1. December 31, 2019

    […] so it seems appropriate to start this one in the same place. The first Masturbation Monday had this story by Deviant Succubus set in a Scottish castle (and with a very striking picture too!). We plan to go […]

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