SoSS #7 – Incredible Images, Sinful Stories and Terrific Thoughts

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Another week has passed and we are slowly approaching autumn. I am quite looking forward to that time of the year. The leaves turning into beautiful oranges, yellows and reds. Nature smelling earthy. Rain and cozy evenings under shared blankets and warm tea. But it is August still, and apparently it is not only the weather that is hot! There were a lot of enticing pictures, stories and reflections shared by my fellow sexbloggers this week. So let’s take a look at who stood out for me this week!


I spend hours each week, looking through all the pictures from the memes Sinful Sunday, Lingerie is For Everyone and Boobday. I love how creative people can be with their camera. There is so much body positivity, so much diversity, so much creativity. It always feels like a celebration of sexiness in all its forms! I particularly liked the following pictures this week.

Adonis by nonpantsendurance impressed me so much! He tried to make himself look like a statue of the Greek god Adonis. And he did so well! He truly looks like a god, using white body paint and a sheet. The creativity of this shot, and the beauty of nudity, are very awesome in the three pictures he shared!

The Cherub in the Church by Purple Sole and littlegem had my imagination running wild. A naked beautiful woman in an old church, sitting on a window sill. There is something forbidden about this, something very naughty. But it is not only that, the photo is created with a very creative eye and just leaves you in awe of the talent behind the camera.

Between the Stars by Floss has a very erotic vibe to it. The piece of lingerie she is wearing is so sexy! And I love the angle so much, she is looking into the camera but the focus is on her beautiful butt and the way the fabric is embracing her skin. A very beautiful picture!


I did the round-up for Masturbation Monday this week and I picked Lick by Jupiter Grant, I know what you did this summer by Francesca Demont and Good Things come in Threes by bluesubmission. But there are two more sexy stories that turned me on this week!

Desperate wanking while they dare me not to come is a fantasy shared by Quinn Rhodes. It has a lot of the things that I love in a hot scene: masturbation, fingering, torture, humiliation, control and the wonderful play between a Dom and sub. Read it if you are into those things too!

Sunset-pink and Oyster-sweet by Violet Fawkes was an absolute pleasure to read. The words she used were exquisite and the idea of public masturbation is very enticing. This is a sexy flash fiction that everyone should totally check out!

BDSM and D/s

I always enjoy reading what others have to say about their D/s relationships and their BDSM play. Their reflections help me understand my own needs better, and I definitely feel less alone, seeing that others evolve, struggle with and ponder about their relationships and dynamics too.

Kisungura‘s post Sex and Submission is a very personal and deep reflection around how life, mental health struggles and a standstill in communication can make it very difficult to keep the D/s element in a relationship alive. And if your sexual being is very much glued to your role in that kind of dynamic, then it can be difficult to have a rewarding sexlife. I love the honesty in her post, and how she describes a very common frustration so well: being self-aware of one’s own problematic behaviour and thinking, but the inability to do anything about it.

Annabel and Raven Lee wrote a fantastic post called A Fundamental Shift about how their D/s dynamics has evolved after a dry spell. Not only does this post give hope to those of us who might find themselves in a rut in their D/s connection, it was also really awesome to see how happy they both were with the new roles and titles in their relationship!

Violet Fawkes wrote the absolutely enlightening and wonderful post Daddy’s boy about the fluidity of roles and titles in D/s dynamics. It doesn’t matter what others think, all that matters is that it feels right between you and your partner. But not only that, I loved the strong connection between her and her partner that was described.


Francesca Demont’s post Authentic Make-Believe was such an interesting read, and also left me thinking a lot about how I still know way too little about certain niches in sex-work. It’s an honest, personal and raw reflection on the work as a fetish escort, moving on from it and starting a new life in another country. What part of yourself do you still take with you when beginning a new chapter of your life? And how do you integrate those two parts of yourself?

Why Pipedream gives sex toys a bad name by Miss Ruby both enlightened me an got me thinking about the sex toy industry. There are still way too many sex toy companies out there that are stuck in the last century: using not body-safe material and promoting sexy toys in a racist, fatphobic and sexist way. It is time for those companies to take a look at the market and make more conscious decisions.

My Own Writing

I wrote quite a lot this week but I just had the writing bug and felt the flow going. I posted the picture Bliss which is by far the most sexual picture I have ever shared: a very intimate scene between me and my Master. That picture also had a background story about a friend of mine judging me and me wanting to show the middlefinger to judgmental people who can’t deal with sex positivity. For Lingerie is for everyone I sported a new pair of sexy knickers and a comfy bandshirt. And I also posted a booby picture called Spleen.

I wrote two erotic stories. A flash fiction about mermaids sex and The Forest about an unexpected meeting in a forest leading to being tied down and a sexy threesome. And as always, I got deep into the reflections! There is a post about new routines I have to implement to handle my diabetes. I also wrote a post about authenticity and blogging. And last but not least, a post about that I hate receiving oral sex.

Aaaaand. An article on erotic hypnosis for which May interviewed me got published. I also had a very interesting Skype call that will lead to a very wonderful collaboration. Exciting times are ahead!

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