SoSS #6 – Gorgeous Pictures, Sexy Stories and Thoughtful Reflections

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I haven’t done a #SoSS post in about a month because I was just too busy with other things. But I am trying to be more organized (yet again! Will I succeed this time? Wish me luck!) and prioritize the things that I find important. I am so lucky to be part of the wonderful sex blogging community, I want to give back. And today I am doing that by highlighting which posts made the biggest impressions on me the last seven days. Click the links, check them out, and give them some love!


There are three sexy picture prompts: Sinful Sunday, Lingerie is for Everyone and Boobday. I try to participate in all of them every week. It is a good exercise for me to work on self-love and my body image issues. But even more so, I love looking at everyone else’s contributions! This week there were three pictures I found especially lovely.

Purple Sole and little gem are artists. She is an absolutely stunning model fot the camera that her Dominant operates. Honestly, they take fabulous pictures every week. They are creative. Each of them could be a prompt for a wonderfully sexy story. And they didn’t disappoint this week! The picture Dandelions Daydream is fabulous. It almost looks like she is a princess taking a nap on the grass in a magical forest. The actual story behind the story is less a fairy tale than a creepy crawlies scare. Check out their picture!

Kisungura is back! Jeez Louise, I missed her so much! She tried to capture the light and warmth of the last days of summer (oh no, summer is over soon!) in a very beautiful picture she named Veiled. She is wearing a white shirt with no bra, and the way the light comes from the bottom, it gives a certain shine that unveils her perfectly shaped boobs under the fabric. I know you want to look at it, don’t you? Then click the link!

Bluesubmission shared a an absolutely stunning picture of herself in a sexy piece of lingerie, and beautiful blue rope accentuating her wonderful shape. As if that isn’t enough, she is lying on a Bed Of Moss, with the water of a river running over some shiny stones. Yes, it is just as beautiful as it sounds! Come on, and take a look at the picture.


I love writing erotic fiction, although I am generally someone who reads and writes a different kind of literature, participating in the weekly memes has shown me that creating and consuming smut is very much fun! There are three memes that gather many of the best erotic writers out there each week: Masturbation Monday, Wicked Wednesday and Friday Flash.

Jupiter Grant published a very sexy story of two women getting each other off while watching themselves in a mirror. It is just as hot as it sounds! Reflection is describing a detailed scene of gentle mutual pleasure that doesn’t end after the first wave of relief! Go and read it now, will ya? (Jupiter has also published a fun collection of erotic poems recently, called Poe-Rotica which you can get on amazon!)

Kisungura wrote a very intriguing story called Fur Coat and No Knickers. A woman tries to get a foot into the elitist world of art and does so by being a mode for those who want to practice drawing nudes. She wants to be seen, and she plays around with her beautiful furcoat in front of observing eyes. Only, she is never seen as the enticing object of pleasure she wants to, instead she is reduced to her role as an object to depict. Sound interesting? Click the link and read it!

Violet Fawkes published a story called The Summer Lucky Came to Stay. This is not your typical sexy story. Instead it is a story of sexual tension that quickly turns into something else. I am in awe of her use of words in this piece, and the narrative made me feel excitement, shock and made me go “aww”. I can really recommend reading it!

BDSM and D/s

There are not enough prompts memes for D/s and BDSM! The one to go to is Tell Me About run by the SafeworD/s Club. But fortunately, my fellow BDSM enthusiasts still write lots of intriguing posts every week, and I have stumbled across three that made me think!

Submissy published a piece on punishment and the importance of rules in a D/s relationship. In The Price to Play she describes how she broke a rule that she was to follow, her reflections around why she broke that particular rule and the consequences of her actions. It is an interesting peek into a D/s relationship and how to make sure that power balances are kept up. Read it!

Purple Sole published a post about how hard it is to maintain a D/s relationship in the inevitable storms that we all have to go through, because life happens: stress, illness, every day life, children, work. It can be difficult to balance it all while also maintaining the power balance in the relationship with its rules and expectations. What I took away from his post is that a Dominant needs to be able to read their submissive to be able to make decisions that take everyone’s well-being into consideration. Give There’s Always a But a read!

Thoughts and Reflections

There are two memes in particular that focus on reflecting upon deep topics each week: Food For Thought Friday and Sexbloggers for Mental Health.

Posy Churchgate published a very thought-provoking post on how we shouldn’t let opportunities pass because we never know when things will be over. Life is not a Dress Rehearsal talks about the importance of doing things now so we don’t regret anything later. Go after your passions, prioritize the things that are important to you and don’t push what you would want to be doing into the future. Read Posy’s post!

May More‘s other half wrote a very exciting post about his life as a musician in London during a time where rock’n’roll still meant something, Easy Money! In his work, he met a popular and successful man who left him with some very deep and true words about wealth and success. Find out what he said and click the link!

My Own Writing

I have had such an exciting week of writing! I wrote three pieces of erotic fiction. The Mechanic is a flash fiction story about an Australian woman who is pretty badass. Is that all you got is a story about a brat, and the sweet punishment the brat receives. I also wrote the fourth chapter of my Drusilla – Queen of Vampires series, called City of Love.

There were some reflective posts, too! I published one about my support system, another one about Public Play and Kink Events, and a third one of about three things I would tell my 5-year-old self. Oh, and there was a sex toy review too, of the Paloqueth Rabbit Vibrator.

And always, I posted some pictures! A Night Out for Sinful Sunday which I took on a night out clubbing, Rarest Rose where I am sporting a lace robe and Prey which shows my boobs in a sexy lacy fishnet bra.

That is not all! This week I did the round-up for Sinful Sunday, which was incredibly fun! I wrote a guest post for the SafeworD/s club on brats, very enjoyable to write! And my post on Dissociative Identity Disorder was picked as one of the three picks of the months for e-lust! Oh my Oh my!

There are so many fun things happening next week too! My first ever article as a freelance writer is going to get published, yay! I am working on pitches for other websites. I also have another sex toy review in the works. And posts on topics like why I don’t enjoy receiving oral, sense deprivation in sexual play, being judged for being a sexblogger and publically posting sexy pictures of myself, and a reflection about my first few months as a sexblogger.. Aye, and a new chapter of Drusilla, and I also have an idea for a new Auntie Jeanie post! And the usual memes and prompts, of course. Exciting!

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    Congratulations on your first freelance publication, and good luck on your pitches. Can’t wait for the next installment of Drusilla, and for more from Auntie Jeanie!! ?

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    Fantastic picks ?

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