Guitar Hero

This week has been incredibly fantastic and weird for me. I don’t usually go out and party anymore because my mental and physical health are a mess. But this week? This week I went all in! I went to three concerts! I used to love going to shows because music is such an integral part of who I am. I wasn’t feeling too peachy but I still pushed myself, I danced so much my feet hurt, I was covered in booze and sweat, I saw women flashing their boobs and I talked to people! I went to a Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie show. I ended up right in the front row (don’t ask me how, people tend to just let me pass. Are they intimidated? Is it because I am short?) and Marilyn Manson’s guitarist threw guitar picks at me. One of them landed right on my cleavage! So I thought the guitar picks I brought back home from the concert would be a cool prop for this week’s boobday picture!

(Other bands I saw this week were Mumford and Sons and Bellwether Syndicate. Both were awesome!)


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  1. jupitergrant says:

    That’s fantastic. Well done, you ? I’m so glad you had a wonderful time x

  2. slave sindee says:

    well done glad You had a fantastic guitar pic ing time

  3. david mai says:

    Great bands and a wonderful pick

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