A Forest

A Forest - Erotic short story
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Come closer and see
See into the trees
Find the girl
If you can
Come closer and see
See into the dark
Just follow your eyes
Just follow your eyes

“A Forest” – The Cure

I was shivering. It wasn’t cold on this early summer evening, but I was exhausted. I am sure you know what I am talking about. This feeling of lingering lassitude, of feeble fatigue. Another quarter of an hour and I’d be home. If I walked through the forest. I looked at the grey concrete bridge to the right of me, and the luscious green heaven to the left. The choice was an easy one to make. I didn’t bother to wonder about late mushroom pickers, dangerous berry lovers or furious forest animals that would be disturbed by my late visit. I just wanted to go home.

The fresh earthy smell of the dewy forest ground was blending with the sweet odours of flowers and the tree’s leaves. My mood lifted and energy spread throughout my body as I watched industrious squirrels and dancing hummingbirds finish their day’s work of collecting sustenance. I listened to nightingales and owls welcoming the darker hours of the day, while the cracks my feet created through stepping on tiny branches on the ground seemed to join in their symphony.

Langour and apathy had left my body and mind, and were now replaced with vigor and enthusiasm. I knew I had chosen the right path. My day would end on a positive note, as the heaviness of the bright hours were long forgotten. I touched the sturdy stems of the trees I passed, keeping to the right, knowing that somewhere in the distance my home and my feline friends awaited me. But what was that? I tilted my head and focused my eyes to seek out the source of quick movement. A shadow seemed to emerge from behind a tree not far away from me, a shadow of a man.

A mushroom picker? A berry lover? I watched him approach me, a rope over his right shoulder, a wooden basket in his left hand. He was wearing a beige overall but nothing else. Dear reader, I was both amused and frightened by this statue of a man. He looked enticingly masculine and rough, yet mysterious and suspicious. He lifted his brown cord hat and revealed a head of blonde curls. “Good evening, ma’am.”, he said, his blue eyes cheekily wandering up and down my figure. Ma’am? Oh my. I bowed to him. “Good evening, sir.”

“Out to pick ’em mushrooms too?” he asked, shaking his basket of earthy deliciousness. I shook my head. “Walking home”, I replied.

“My mate and I”, he pointed into the direction behind him, “were wondering if you’d want to join us for some rope and fun.”. I starred at him. “Excuse me?”

“Well, ma’am, we would ask you to undress, and lie down on the bench. Then I would use this rope,” he lifted the rope from his shoulder, “around your sweet belly and then we would have our way with you. If you want to, that is, ma’am.”

I opened my mouth in shock. A tiny tingle in my nether parts made it clear that I had more than one reaction to his proposal. I said nothing. I looked at him, and like a coy maiden, waited for his next move.

“Know it is a lot to ask. But if you don’t try, ma’am, then you can’t win.”

I swallowed. “Let’s go then!”. I couldn’t believe the words that had just left my mouth. But there I was, following his lead through the forest that was beginning to be tinted in the dark blue of the night. On a meadow, not far off, there stood a bench. And on it sat a man, in a similar but olive green overall, and straight brown hair. He was smiling. “Dan, I knew sending you was the better idea!” He nodded into my direction and when we had approached him, he kissed my hand and said “Pleasure to make your acquaintance, ma’am.” What was this, the 19th century? I felt like I had fallen through a hole and my world had been turned upside down.

“So, ma’am, do us the pleasure to remove your dress, will you?”, the man named Dan said to me. I placed my bag next to me and pulled my dress over my head, letting it fall to the ground. The men looked at me, observed me, devoured my with their fiery eyes. I removed my bra and pulled down my knickers, allowing both to slide down my naked skin, and land next to my dress.

“Your turn, gentlemen.”, I smiled at them. At this point, dear reader, I wanted nothing more than their musky bodies close to mine, their rough hands discovering every party of my skin. I was quivering with excitement, I was existing in this moment only, nothing else mattered.

They both pulled down their overalls and stepped out of them, revealing their exposed cocks, already peeking up to greet me. They stepped towards me and led me to the bench. I sat down, my legs still hanging over the edge. Dan gently pulled me back and then tied me down, the rope’s roughness against my naked belly increasing the wetness that had been lingering inside of me and was now slowly turning into floods of neediness.

Both men were standing on each side of the bench. They were starting to probe and pinch, to pull and stroke. My body was tense, yet relaxed. I knew I couldn’t move, but I also didn’t want to exercise a need to get away. Fingers on nipples, circling, flicking. Hands on naked skin, slapping, gently punching. The sensations of pleasure and pain creating a sizzling inside me, and a twitching of my body.

Dan was standing in front of the bench now, spreading my legs with his hands. His friend was sitting behind me, his belly almost resting on my face, one hand squeezing my tit, the other stroking his cock. I lifted my arm, trying to touch him but he whispered: “Hush, don’t move.” The command made me freeze. I was nothing but a plaything to them. What I wanted was of no importance. Oh, how delicious!

Dan’s fingers found their way inside my needy and anticipating cunt. Two fingers of his other hand circling my swollen clit, then rubbing until finally gently pulling it, leaving me in a state of ecstasy and need for his hard manhood. I tried to push myself against him, following his movements. “Say it, ma’am, what do you want me to do?”

“Ravish me! Take me as you please!”, I yelled out.

He pushed his cock into my twitching wet cunt and I moaned loudly. Pounding me, he grabbed onto the fleshy part of my mound and pushed me down, making me unable to respond to his forceful advances. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the fullness his cock provided, the rubbing of his flesh against mine, the rawness of the act. “You like what we are doing to you, don’t you?”, the man behind me whispered into my ear. His nails were cutting into the flesh of my tit now, making me almost squeal in both excitement and anguish.

I could feel the final relief building up for myself, the hard cock getting ever harder inside me, the pain that was given, the control that was lost. I started to growl, almost howl, as I felt my cunt twitch and my whole body spasm, waves of pleasure hitting me. A warm fluid landed and spread on my tits, and seconds later another warmth was filling my cunt. Both men were groaning and moaning, twitching together with me. I had pleased them.

The men first dressed, before untying me. I sat up on the bench, still in the nude, when they kissed me on the head. “You are a good girl, ma’am'”, Dan said. His friend nodded in agreement. They grabbed their baskets filled with nature’s finest and disappeared into the trees.

I pulled my dress over my head, pushed my underwear into my bag and walked towards the direction of my home. Dear reader, I do not know who those men were and where they came from. But their memory will forever linger in my mind. But while walking home, my mind was more concerned with my feline friends at home, and if they would judge me for the musky smell that was steaming of my body.

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11 Responses

  1. I love this story, so subtle, full of seeming contradictions, and yet I was glued to every word. My favorite lines “I was nothing but a plaything to them. What I wanted was of no importance. Oh, how delicious!”

  2. slave sindee says:

    lovely story hard to keep my hands out of my pants.
    yes i live for this line “I was nothing but a plaything to them. What I wanted was of no importance.

  3. Kayla Lords says:

    I have a distinct desire to go walking in a forest now…

  4. jupitergrant says:

    Such a deliciously naughty idea, it’s like a filthy fairy-tale! And what a hot fantasy!! Love it ?

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