Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers
© DeviantSuccubus

I tend to take sinful and sexy pictures of myself where I am both seen from favourable angles, and where my look both represents who I am and who I want to be seen as. This picture is somewhat different. I feel exposed sharing it, but I also feel oddly proud. Not because I love what I see, oh no, but because of the intriguing shapes and textures that my body has to offer. There are many interesting tiny details that make this picture a creative whole. There is the bruise on my thigh. The hidden scar from my appendix surgery. The tiny bits of pubic hair I should remove. The shadows, the light, the curves. But most of all: the cum on my naked skin, my belly, my mound, my fingers. Focus on the fingers, covered in sticky seed. I love the feeling of my Master’s hot juices landing on me, it makes me feel owned, used, degraded, but also loved and enough, good enough. But what I don’t like is sticky cum in my belly button! So whenever possible, I cover my belly button before his cum lands on me. I succeeded this time!

Sinful Sunday

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24 Responses

  1. That’s hot and adorable! I never thought about a belly button problem!

  2. slave sindee says:

    hot and sexy bodysweet cum to lick

  3. Floss says:

    It’s a great image and I confess my eyes did stray past the sticky fingers, mostly because you have boobs in shot so I couldn’t not give them a little look (I like boobs and yours look delightful). Thank you for sharing x

  4. Sweetgirl says:

    As long as MrH cums I don’t care if it’s on me or in me.. lol hot pic DS ? and gorgeous body ?

  5. My eyes traveled up and down your body, seeing the sexy woman you are, and seeing the pleasure you had feeling his cum on you. Gorgeous shot!

    Rebel xox

  6. jupitergrant says:

    What a fabulous image, utterly sensual and beautifully pure and honest. Lovely ?

  7. Molly says:

    Oh I love being cum on, and definitely love taking pictures of it too. And I completely agree with you about this image, and turning it black and white has really made it about those textures and contrasts and curves and lines and it is beautiful


  8. Miss Scarlet says:

    It’s a long time since anyone came on me, and this has reminded me how wonderful the feeling is.

  9. victoriablisseuk says:

    I really love this! It’s such a sexy shot. Hot, hot, hot!

  10. sub-Bee says:

    Those pesky stray pubes that only the camera reveals can be an annoyance!

    But I do love this, cum splattering across me is one of my favourite sensations.

  11. It has been ages since he came on me, it’s usually in me – your shot has inspired me to ask for this next time! I love your image – the black and white edit really makes the cum pop and the lightening turns you into a goddess x

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