SoSS #5

Gosh, I admit it, I will most likely never be able to finish my Share our Shit Saturday-posts in time. I shall call mine Share our Shit Sunday-posts! I mean, I could give it a try to share them in time, too. I still feel the most important thing is that I do them. I love reading other people’s blogposts and erotica, look at wonderful pictures and learn more about kinks and relationships. So during the last week, apart from typing away on my keyboard, I have also been clicking, scrolling and reading through other people’s blogs and websites. And there were a few posts that I want to highlight!


Cleareyedgirl‘s picture Au Naturel caught my attention. Not only do I find that there are way too little sexy but not porny pictures of vaginas out there, but her image is captured in a round mirror. It gives the piece a sort of inception feel to it.

See, I knew I would pick a picture of Focused and Filthy again. They do this to me every week. They impress me with their amazing pictures, that always have the best angles, the deepest depth of emotional expression, and beautiful bodies. Lie with me is no exception. It is definitely one of the strongest pictures of intimacy I have seen in a long time.

Molly joined in Lingerie is for Everyone this week and I totally fell in love with her picture wittily called Front View. I love those panties, the colours are beautiful and the angle she took the picture gives the image a really strong feel. Love it!


Zebra Rose posted a fantastic stream-of-consciousness erotic story this week. It has a strong BDSM-theme and might not be for the light-hearted because it contains some very rough fantasies of being used. I myself often have those fantasies, and I can see how the pain that was experienced can lead to such thoughts of such delicious scenarios. Read Til it hurts if you have ever been interested in consensual non-consensual play!

Lascivity‘s Wait is an enticing story about orgasm control. It is was wonderful to read about the build-up of need, frustration, in contrast to the self-control and the want to be a good submissive. A very sexy story!


Jupiter Grant wrote a very personal in depth post about how she ended up being an Ice Queen. Expressing how we feel, makes us vulnerable and unfortunately an easy target for those that lack empathy and understanding of other people’s emotions. Once we are hurt, it can be extremely difficult to build up the trust to be honest about our feelings again. Many of us have been there, and Jupiter’s story is so very relatable.

Bluesubmisson‘s post A funny thing that happened was such an entertaining read! Honestly, it has it all: raccoons, cake, butt sex and a healthy level of shame. Intrigued? Give it a read!

BDSM and Kink

Floss wrote a very interesting post on Erotic Humiliation. See, I am a sucker for humiliation and degradation. But it is rare that a Dom/me or Top actually shares their thoughts about it. Reading Floss’ thoughts about humiliating her partner was both enlightening and intensely arousing!

Littlegem‘s reflections upon trying to reach an Electric Orgasm were so very interesting. I have never tried out electro play, but it seems like a very intense experience. Does she or doesn’t she reach the goal of an electric orgasm? Well, give her post a read to find out!

My Own Writing

I am still kicking depression’s butt! Okay, that might be an exaggeration. But I have been writing a bit here and there and I am happy that I am able to keep my blog regularly updated although everything else in life right now seems like dancing through quicksand. I wrote a reflective post on my relationship to my body for the Erotic Journal Challenge. Another reflective post I wrote is on conscious communication in romantic relationships. Additionally, I discussed Erotic Humiliation. I wrote an erotic story called Mirror of Truth, a story on Mata Hari and a sequel to my Drusilla- Queen of Vampires story. I also participated in a few erotic picture memes: you can see an androgynous version of me here, and my booby boobs were also showcased.

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  1. jupitergrant says:

    Terrific SoSS, DS. I really enjoyed your content this week, and am glad that you’re kicking ass! Thank you very much for mentioning my Ice Queen post ??

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