Stranger on the Rocks

I needed to get out of town, away from people and the constant rush of conversations, cars, one meeting after the other, squeezing up in subways, queuing for food, hearing the neighbours fight. I was done, especially after last night’s date. I had spent the whole evening stuck in a restaurant, with mediocre food, having a mediocre conversation with a mediocre man. You might think that a university degree equals intelligence. Think again. He was close-minded, uneducated and spent most of the time talking about birds. Bloody birds? And then he had the audacity to ask for a blowjob in his car. Bloody Tinder. Bloody men. Bloody city.

It was 7 AM and I was sitting in my car. I was wearing sweatpants, a tight top and sneakers. I hadn’t even washed my hair. Who cares anyway? My hair was in a bun, sunglasses were covering my tired eyes. I needed to get out of town. I turned the key and the engine started. It was going to be a hot summer day, the warm sun was already touching my bare skin. I turned on the radio, Pink’s “Let’s get this party started” was playing. Yes! I am going to have my own party now, away from everyone, away from everything! Passing the buildings, I already felt my stresslevels going down and my body relax. I took a deep breath. Today was going to be about me, no pleasing anyone else but myself. I grinned and wiggled my butt in the carseat a little. “Mmm”, I thought.

Fields upon fields were opening up in front of me. The city’s tall buildings and polluted air were far behind me now. I slowed down the speed of the car, no need to rush now. It was all about trying to relax. Soon I’d be at my destination, a day out in nature, hiking, alone, was exactly what I needed. I took a left and saw the mountains in the distance, getting bigger and more majestic, the closer I got. The lush green of the trees, the blue skies, everything looked wonderfully inviting. When I reached the parking lot, I saw a small group of people standing together, talking. I slowly drove past them to the other side of the lot. No people today.

I climbed out of the car and leaned onto the backseat, getting my waterbottle and a small bag with sunscreen and a sandwich for lunch. As I was getting out, legs, then butt, then head, I heard someone clear their throat behind me.


Two men were standing in front of me. One of them looked rather boring, wearing brown pants with green sneakers, a tanktop and glasses. The other one, oh gosh, the well-formed arms were filling his blue shirt well. His brown chin long wavy hair was flowing in front his face in the light summerwind. His dark blue eyes were piercing, and had a cheekiness behind them. I felt parts of me that I had only touched myself the last few months, react. I blushed. No people!

“Hey! What can I help you guys with?”

“Oh”, the handsome stranger said and smiled. “We thought you might want to join our little group for a hike. We just saw you drive by and thought that you might want some company on this early morning out here!”

Aww, that was so sweet of him. I wanted to hug him as a thanks for such a nice gesture. I wanted to go down on my knees, open the fly of his grey jeans and thank him really well. Oh! No people! I was feeling hot!

“That’s so kind of you to ask, but I rather be on my own. I wanted to get away from the city a bit and just breathe some fresh air and do some thinking. Alright?”

He looked disappointed. His friend was busy playing with his phone. I was proud of myself. No more people, this was me time! I shrugged and smiled at him. His eyes squinted a little, he smiled too and said: “That’s a shame, you would have made a beautiful addition to our group.”

I swallowed. Beautiful? In this outfit? “Maybe we will hang out another time!”, I said nonchalantly and turned around to lock my car. I heard them walk away, and when I looked over my shoulder, couldn’t help but admire his firm butt in those tight jeans. Was I really better off alone?

They joined their other friends, two women and another man, and made their way towards the trail. I was keeping far behind them, but walking into the same direction. I was in no rush, and it was not even 8 AM, so nature would continue to be just nature for another few hours, before the masses of families and adventurous retirees would arrive to conquer the silence. The path through the thick woods was easy to walk on, and it wasn’t too steep yet. I could smell the leaves, still covered with morning dew, wet and lush. I listened to the small branches covering the ground as they cracked when I stepped on them. Oh, and the bloody birds! I looked up and saw a colourful specimen. That idiot and his bloody birds. But I wouldn’t let him ruin another minute of my life, and instead enjoyed the chirps and squeaks.

I was getting warm. The group in front of me had disappeared around the corner and I was now heading straight forward, a more hidden trail, one that I had walked on before. It guided me through a labyrinth of trees. I was truly alone now. And I was enjoying myself. I felt free, I felt content. I didn’t feel the pressure of work and dating anymore. I took a sip from my water bottle and walked towards my goal: the rocks about half-way up the mountain, hidden from the rest of the world, but with a spectacular view.

Drops of sweat were running down my spine, and my chest. I was warm but not uncomfortable. I felt their tender touch on my bare skin, slowly running down my chest, and belly, my back. I shuddered a little. I really missed being touched. But I always had myself, even my own sweatdrops were a pleasure to my needy body.

After almost an hour I saw the trees opening up and in front of me were the rocks I had wanted to reach. They looked beautifully golden in the sun. The view was just as fantastic as I had remembered. Forests, water and islands. In wonderful bright colours, looking both like still works of art and ever moving fountains of renewal. I sat down on the warm rocks and took in the view. My whole body was sweaty, but relaxed. I felt the energy returning to my soul. I was content with myself, with the world. Nothing else mattered but me, and this moment.

Although my hungry eyes couldn’t get enough of the incredible image that nature had painted in front of me, I couldn’t avoid noticing the shape of my hard nipples pressing against my top. I was wearing a sports bra and the fabric was rather thin. I got distracted by the sensation of sweaty skin and tight clothes and ran a finger over my right nipple. I moaned. Needy, definitely. I turned around and didn’t see anyone hiding among the lush greenery behind me. I took off my top and my bra and watched the cheeky sunbeams playing with my naked skin. My breasts looked very inviting in this light and the chilling breeze made my nipples tingle.

I started massaging my breasts and played with my nipples between two fingers each. I slightly pinched them and felt a strong throbbing in my ladyparts. One hand slowly found its way down my naked belly, and into my pants, finding my already swollen clit reacting willingly to my touch. I moaned. I closed my eyes and thought of the dark stranger from earlier. I imagined his blue eyes looking at me, his manhood showing in those tight jeans and him enjoying the view of me in front of nature’s artwork.

My slit was now spread and open, and two fingers entered tbe needy wetness. My other hand was busy pinching my left nipple. I didn’t need to finish just yet. I was enjoying myself. Alone time. This was exactly what I had needed! I heard a cracking sound behind me. I froze. Not removing any of my fingers from their needy places, I turned my head around and gasped. The dark stranger!

His blue eyes were squinting in the sunlight. He looked at me and then cleared his throat. “Uhm, I was looking for you. I saw you walk off-trail and just wanted to make sure that you were okay all by yourself.”

I saw the bulge in the groin area of his jeans. This was just like my imagination. I felt my pulse in the tight tunnel my fingers seemed to be glued in. I stayed silent. I couldn’t move. I was not okay all by myself! I so was not!

“But you seem to be doing just fine. So I better leave you to it, enjoying the alone time you wanted to have!” He grinned and slowly turned around.

“No!”, I exclaimed.


“I could use some company, if you are up to it!”, I almost yelled. I blushed.

He turned back to me, walked towards me and and held my face in his hands. His eyes were looking into mine. “Are you sure?”. I nodded enthusiastically.

He removed his clothes rather quickly and was now standing in the sunlight, facing the panorama I had yearned to suck in today. But now I was captivated by another view. His stiff cock, his firm buttchecks, his muscular chest. Oh gosh, I really wanted his company.

He leaned over me and pulled down my pants and underwear, and placed them under my head. He kneeled down and got a condom out of his pants, unwrapping it and pulling it over his hard cock. I laid back and looked up at him. We kissed, first slowly and then more passionately, tongues intertwined in a dance of erotic courting. Our hands started to wander over each other’s bodies. One hand massaged my right breast, while his other hand brushed over my belly and then disappeared into the swampy wetness between my legs.

He started rubbing my clit and my fingernails sank into his back. I moaned loudly. He spread my soaking lips and pushed his manhood inside me. Gently first, freezing for a moment while looking into my eyes, then slowly moving it in and out, picking up the pace and the strength. He pulled my legs up, my feet were now on his shoulders. I could feel him go in deep and I gasped. This was painful bliss! In and out, in and out. One hand holding my right foot, he started rubbing my clit again with the other. I yelped. I was so close now. So close. “Tell me when you are almost there!”, he moaned.

“I am almost there!”, I yelled. His thrusting got even faster, the rubbing on my clit was nearly overbearing. I felt my whole body tense up for a small moment and my legs started to twitch, my whole body following, my tunnel becoming tighter as the spasms engulfed my whole being. He started to moan loudly. his eyes closed and his body twitching together with mine, creating a beautiful symphony of ecstasy. I sighed of relief.

After a few minutes, we both sat up, and looked over the trees and water. I held his hand and thought to myself: “Maybe it was not time for myself that I needed, maybe it was all about the right company.”

Masturbation Monday

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  1. Kayla Lords says:

    Yeah, I’d break my “no people” thing for something like that.

  2. jupitergrant says:

    Such a sexy scenario! Mental note, Jupiter: go hiking this weekend ??

  3. Your post title sounds like a cocktail name! Wonder what the recipe might be.

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