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I unleashed my sexual desires late in life. It was first in my mid 30s that I realized that there was more out there for me than the bimonthly 15 minutes of vanilla sex. I lost my (consensual) virginity at 22, before that age I was really uncomfortable sexually and prevented all sexual approaches from others by focusing on them. Handjobs, blowjobs, eating pussy: all those were (and still are!) great skills of mine!

As long as I didn’t have to get naked, and no one touched me, I was fine being intimate with others. Then, at 22, when I had penetration sex for the first time, and I was actually naked with someone, I had no clue how to let go, or how to be comfortable. I absolutely loved the guy and we ended up getting married eventually, and were together for almost 12 years. Our sexlife was not bad, it just wasn’t great and things just ebbed out after a few years. I didn’t mind because I didn’t know how to do sex properly, or how to express my needs.

New Discoveries

But things started to change once our relationship had ended (honestly, a bit before that too, but not with each other) and I started to explore things more. I experimented with myself, was more comfortable with painplay, I realized that not all women can have multiple orgasms and that I was a bit of a unicorn there! I had never used a dildo while masturbating, and behold, I can get orgasms inside my vagina, and in my ass! But I discovered those things on my own, and with the occasional online fling.

Once I started engaging sexually with my current partner I learnt so much more about myself. Apparently my libido is very high in comparison to the average person. I have stamina. I suddenly felt like some sexual goddess that had discovered the fountain of debauchery! The sex I now had was so different from what sex had looked like for me before. I could now be naked with someone without hiding any bodyparts I felt uncomfortable with. I lost control, I let go, I trusted someone. And oh boy, could he make me enjoy myself.

One of the discoveries that still to this day are utterly confusing to me is that I can squirt. I had never even tried to get to that point. I mean, I had seen it in porn, I had read up on it and always thought it was something that just a few women can do (at least that is what studies say), so I thought that I would probably not be one of them.

Squirty Girl!

Well, boom. One night when we were having a good time, I suddenly squirted. He had been fingerfucking me in different positions for quite some time, probably about 30 minutes, non-stop. I had never been penetrated for that long and I was starting to get exhausted. On my knees, my butt was in the air and he was working on me from behind. I felt something building up. There was a pressure that was different from an orgasm and different from having to pee. It was something that I had never felt before. And then suddenly that pressure was gone and something was running down my thighs. He exclaimed: “Oh, squirty girl!”

I thought that I had peed or something had broken inside me! I jumped up and looked at him in confusion. But there it was: a small pool of my juices on the sofa. It didn’t look like pee, it didn’t smell like pee. I had squirted! And it seems like that moment had opened up some invisible gates for me. The next few times I had sex, I squirted, a lot, waterfalls. It was such an odd feeling, but also incredibly hot, laying in my own juices, being horny and spent at the same time!

How does it work, really?

Squirting doesn’t happen simultaneously with an orgasm for me. It kind of happens a few seconds after, I can feel the pressure, and if I don’t pull out whatever is penetrating me at the time, it actually doesn’t squirt out but only drizzles out of me after the cock, toy or fingers are pulled out of me. It is an odd sensation. I had to experiment with it a little to actually understand how it works for me. I peed before intercourse to make sure it is not actually pee. And for some reason, after I have squirted, I need to pee really badly.

I can not squirt on command, and I can not stop it. Once the pressure has built up and the penetration continues, it will have to come out. That is also one important point: I only squirt from penetration. And that makes sense, because studies on squirting actually point its relation to some nerve endings near the g-spot and inside the urethra. As a matter of fact, I haven’t been able to figure out if it comes out of my urethra or my vagina. It somehow comes out of both? I am really not sure. (I shall ask my Master next time, to check which hole it comes out from, haha!).

Is it all that great?

Being able to squirt is pretty awesome! It is like adding some extra theatrical effects to your sexlife. I love when I am being put in such an aroused state, that my body lets go like that! And for some reason, a lot of men find it to be a very positive skill to observe. So I guess I am that sex goddess after all!

It is not always that convenient though. I can not use a dildo for penetration when masturbating anymore. Well, unless I want to sit on the floor. If I use a dildo with myself, I will squirt. I wish I could control it, but I can’t. And the easiest clean up is the floor because we don’t have any carpets in our apartment (who knew that dust allergies could have a positive effect on something!). The clean up would just otherwise be too messy. So yeah, knowing that you will need to use a mop after an intense masturbation session is not really my favourite thought!

We now have a fluid absorbing sheet on our bed (under our regular sheet), in case I come hard and squirt during any kind of play. That definitely makes it easier for me to let go. I don’t have to yell “Stop or I am going to squirt!” anymore, so that is great! I just sometimes wish I knew how to turn it off because the mess it creates always means a huge clean-up after sex. And it isn’t always necessarily pleasant to have lots of your own juices covering your own body.

Give it a go and have the mop ready!

I am sure some of you are now wondering if they would be able to squirt too. I am not one of those people who believe that all women can squirt, studies show otherwise, and it is about the physical possibilities, not the mental approach. But! Maybe you are one of those women who can actually do it but hasn’t discovered it yet!

What I have realized helps me to squirt is being absolutely relaxed and not focused on it. The next step is penetration, and not just light fucking, I am talking hard penetration for a longer period of time. Do you feel spent and exhausted? Still continue. I have never squirted after two minutes, and a lot of times I thought I had gone over the peak for a session of penetration but then the build up started. And when you feel the pressure, you need to know when to pull out to get that waterfall effect that everyone is after. Squirting is a skill that you can learn if you have the physical foundation for it. And most importantly: always have the mop ready!

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  1. I love to squirt, but do have to have the right stimulation for that. And like you, I can’t squirt when penetrated, then it just kind of flows from me.

    Rebel xox

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