Twenty-Three Minutes

Erotic Fiction - 23 Minutes
© DeviantSuccubus

I was looking at the clock. Another hour before he would come home from work. I yawned and stretched, and suddenly felt my sore muscles. My mind started wandering and flashes of last night’s adventures popped up. The pain, the pleasure. His hands on my body, his words whispered into my ear, waves of pain and orgasms all intertwined into a whirlwind of passion. I could feel my clit responding to the thoughts, and a neediness took over my body. Just as my mind had been wandering, my hands were now wandering over my body, feeling the soft skin and pushing towards the happy place. My right hand slid into my underpants and I could feel my slightly swollen clit and the wetness coming from inside me.

I got up and walked to the bedroom. One hour. As I lied down, I reached over to the drawer and got out the wand. I took my clothes off, spread my legs and started on the lowest setting. The buzzing and the vibration relaxed me instantly, As I was gently moving the wand’s head over my clit and the area around it, the images from last night kept my mind occupied. I was enjoying myself, thinking of him, thinking of us.

Next setting. Harder. A small orgasm made my body twitch. But I didn’t want to finish yet, I wanted a big one, an explosion, I wanted to work up to it. Last night’s passion was now combined with this moment’s pleasure. And him, it felt like he was everywhere. I suddenly heard keys drop to the floor. I looked up and he was standing next to the bed, watching. The buzzing of the wand must have masked the sound of the door opening.

I looked at the clock on the wall. 23 minutes. 23 minutes had passed. He was early.

I tried to sit up but he shook his head. With one look, with one pointing of a finger, I knew my place. His gaze upon me, being watched and observed, the vibrations of the wand. I was close now, close to the explosion. And he saw it. He said “No” and took the wand away from me, turning it off. I yelped for air.

“Who is in control?”

“You are, Master”, I whispered in desperation.

“I can’t hear you.”

“You are, Master”, I almost yelled.

He switched the wand back on, highest setting, and pressed it against my clit. His other hand was firmly wrapped around my throat and gently chocking me. I couldn’t hold it in anymore. the explosion was close, so close.

“Can I please come, Master?”

“Yes, puppet. You can come.”, he said. I opened my eyes and saw him watching me. I felt the vibrating wand violently pressing against my clit, the hand around my throat pressing harder. Close, close, close. And then it exploded. A wave of pleasure ran through my body and mind, I was gasping for air and feeling free under his control.

(Picture by me and of me)

Masturbation Monday

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9 Responses

  1. Kayla Lords says:

    Now I feel the need to pull out my own wand vibrator.

  2. Oooh! You got caught! I would be in BIG trouble.

    • deviantdaeva says:

      Aaaaah! I would never be able to follow a rule that involved me not being able to masturbate when I want to. A sexually frustrated brat? He would not want that, haha!
      Are you always able to follow the rule and not get into trouble?

      • Fuck no! I do for the most part though. I just have to ask permission and I always get it. But sometimes, ergh. I just take the punishment, and I usually enjoy it. ?

  3. Posy Churchgate says:

    This is so erotic, the slow tease mixed with memories I can relate to. The punishment culminating in disappointing him and then submitting to him – that is really fantasy hot for me.

  4. jupitergrant says:

    Hmmm, super sexy!

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