The Speculum Thief

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Okay, this might sound weird, but a few weeks ago, I stole a speculum. That is definitely one thing that I never thought I would say. But yes, I stole a speculum. I had spent the whole evening and night at the emergency room for a non-genital related issue. After being sent from checkpoint to checkpoint for hours, I finally ended up in a room of my own. One bed. And a lot of cupboards and medical utensils. Time was going slow and after having stared at the clock for what seemed way too long, my eyes started to wander. There were things to help me breathe, things to measure my bloodpressure, there were fun drawings of the female reproduction system. Wait, the female reproduction system? I had ended up in a gynecological examination room.

Opposite of me, there was a cupboard with several drawers, each of them labelled with their content. And one of them said speculums. I swallowed. Memories of past gynecological exams popped up, not very pleasant memories. But then I thought about what one could actually do with such a wonderous thing. I imagined the feeling of exposure, of being spread, of being helpless and controlled. I felt a tingle and I smiled.

The door was closed and I knew that I wasn’t on any high priority lists, so I felt safe walking over to the cupboard and pulling the drawer. It opened silently and there they were: dozens of neately packaged speculums. It seemed like a neverending supply of torture instruments. Without thinking twice, I took one of them, casually walked over to the bed again and let it slip into my handbag. My heart was racing. I was now a speculum thief.

I didn’t think much of it for a couple of weeks, until I opened that handbag, looking for something else. And there it was, still neatly packaged, still brand new.. Still scary, but also exciting. I wanted to find out if I would actually be able to forget the tool’s medical purpose and find something arousing about it. So the next time my partner and I played, I suggested to try out the speculum!

I was on my back, naked, anticipating but also a bit worried about not being able to let go. I was aroused, as I always am during play with my Master. He opened my legs and smiled at me. He loves being in control of my body, of my everything. And now he was about to inspect my inside too and it seemed like that was an enticing thought to him. I relaxed when the feeling of his safe presence sank into my heart and mind.

A finger was gently tracing the opening of my vagina. It felt tickling and arousing. I tried to push my body closer to him but he stopped me with one look. I knew I had to lay still now, let him take control, let him do what he wanted to do. Two fingers slid inside and pushed me open. I moaned. As his fingers left my needy flesh, they were replaced by something cold, something foreign. I froze. But his hand on my knee made me breathe out instantly. He was in control.

I heard a clicking sound and my muscles instantly reacted. I was spread. Another click. And another click. I breathed out. I could feel the hard surface of the speculum pressing against the inside of my private parts. And I actually enjoyed it. I enjoyed it because he was doing it to me. He was in control. He wanted to spread me open and see. And he wanted to expand my hole and see my everything. I breathed out. Another click.

“Are you ready for the last one?”, he asked. “Yes, Master”, I said, wondering if it might hurt. Click. And it hurt. A little. But it was for him, for him I could take all the hurt he wanted to give me. He removed his hands from the speculum and observed me. He observed my face, how the air reached my lungs and then left them again. And then he looked. He looked inside me.

I was exposed, spread open and for him to see. I felt both uncomfortable and degraded, and safe and needy. But I liked him looking at me like that. I wanted him to have all of me, and to know all of me. I liked being exposed to him. The physical feeling was one of discomfort. The plastic surface of the speculum was pressurizing. The cold air was slowly entering me.

He smiled. He took his phone and started to take pictures. I felt naked. I had never felt that naked before. Objectified and inspected. I was being scrutinized and examined. When his artistic urges were satisfied, he leaned over to me and whispered “Good girl”. A shudder of neediness ran down my spine. A few clicks later and I could feel the hard beaks of the speculum slide out of me. It gave me a feeling of relief and a pleasure.

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3 Responses

  1. sub-Bee says:

    Honestly, I almost did the exact same thing at my last smear test. As it happens something distracted me and I forgot my intentions!

    • deviantdaeva says:

      Haha, that is awesome! Always having your kink thinking hat on too! I assume that the metal ones are better than the plastic ones though!

  2. OMG I love that you stole it! How cool is that!

    Rebel xox

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