Staircase Strangers

The sun was still shining as we were walking down the street. He was holding my hand and when I looked at him, he smirked. It was that certain expression that usually only meant one thing. Why would he think about THAT right now? We were far away from home.

Suddenly I felt his hands covering my eyes, and in a low voice he whispered: “I got a surprise for you, girl.” and pushed me into a direction I couldn’t see. Once he allowed me to use my eyes again, I saw a long staircase, at the top three men standing. I was confused. Stairs? Three strangers? I didn’t understand. I turned around and saw three other men standing behind us, motionless. He smiled. “Walk up.”

I walked up the stairs and heard my Master’s footsteps following mine. His breath becoming faster as he firmly pinched my butt. I moaned. He took my wrist and pushed me against the stonewall. I could feel the texture of the wall through my thin dress. Hard, cold. He pulled down one of the straps of my dress, and exposed my breast and nipple to the warmth of the air. Our eyes met. “Don’t look at me, look at who is looking at you!”

I turned my head and saw the men at the bottom and the top of the stairs. They had come closer and were focused on us. On me. On what he is doing to me. He took down the other strap of my dress and I could feel the fabric slide down on my skin, and hear it silently fall on the ground. I was naked. In the sun. On the staircase, with him, and six strangers observing me.

I felt the tingle, I felt the wetness. I was excited. His eyes were on me, he knew what I was feeling. He always knew. He nodded into both directions and the men drew closer. I stared at him. In confusion. In disbelief. In excitement.

“Isn’t this always what you wanted? You love the attention. So give them something to look at. Be the slut I know you are. Touch yourself. I want to see you come in front of all of these men. Show the world what a slut you are.” I obeyed.

I sat down on the stairs. They were still warm. I spread my legs. All six men were standing in front of me now. He sat next to me, took my hand and moved it towards my tingly place. “Come on, slut, show us!”, he whispered, “And keep your eyes open so you can see if you are able to please us”.

Six flys opened. I observed. They observed. I moaned, I watched him leaning against the wall, smiling. And everything exploded as the very last sunbeams touched my face together with the cum of six strangers. I had pleased him.

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